Friday, April 29, 2011

Yet another way to reuse your trash!

I just love seeing such creative and unexpected stuff like this!!

Blog post on Etsy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reusing a Candle Jar

Keep your old candle jars. Remove the old wax (place upside down in the freezer and it usually falls out) and reuse by placing a votive, tealight, or small pillar inside.  The larger jars are great because you get a pretty glow by placing a small candle inside.

Now that you have emptied your jar it's ready to be given a new use.  You have the option to continue using it to house a candle or try something new.  Some ideas I have come up with are shown here:

  There are so many more uses but I think you get the idea.  These are jars and they can be used to hold many many things.  

Just one more idea...

I have a collection of wine bottle protectors from the wine shop.  I couldn't stand throwing them in the trash so I've held on to them waiting to find a use for them.  Well here's one: fit it around the jar and you have a fun and trendy candle holder.  When it's lit you get this really cool pattern.

Most candles such as the Yankee have jar lids.  These are great tea light holders.  Remove the plastic seal because it's prettier this way.  Drop a tea light in and there you go.  I think a few of these down the center of a dining table would add to a very pretty table scape.