Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

For the month of November I'm displaying the
 "Thanksgiving Tree".    

This is a super easy project you can create with the family.  

You will need: 
tree branches
sand or pebbles
small pot
card stock or construction paper 
pen or pencil
hole punch
leaf to trace 

1. Trace and cut out your leafs from the paper of your choice.  I did a dozen or so.  Punch holes in them to tie your strings from.   You will hang them on the branches by the string so be sure to create a loop. 


2. Arrange your branches in your pot.  Poor the sand in to keep the branches in place.  I do this with our Christmas tree too, much easier than any ordinary tree stand.  

3. Use as your tables centerpiece or off to the side in a safe spot.   Place the leaves and a pen in a bowl nearby.  When you think of something your thankful for write it on the leaf and hang it on your tree.  Before you know it you'll have a pretty fall tree full of leaves. 

       I see this becoming a family tradition in our house.  I plan to save the leaves each year and add to a scrap book or a shadow box full of the leaves would be cool too. 

 Here are some of the things my kids wrote on their leaves: 

I hope you'll try this too.  Have fun!

A-Rae :)