Thursday, May 19, 2011

To buy business cards or not to buy?

As the crafter I am before I make a purchase I always ponder the question, "Can I do that?".

So this week I made my way to the craft and office supply stores to do some research.  The craft store had the paper I wanted to print on.  The only problem with this is I do not have a paper cutter.  Future paper cutter needed!  The office supply store had pre-cut ready to print business cards but these were flimsy.  No thanks! The paper I chose is an artists cold press water color paper.  I love the way it looks, a little texture in a creamy organic color and it's stiff but no so stiff I can't use my own printer.  After coming up with my own design and tweaking it on three or so programs I think I have something I like.  I have it printed and ready to cut into cute individual cards.  This took me about 3 days  to finish.  Partially due to the fact I am new to a mac and it's programs.  Lot's of search, find and experimenting going on here.  I'm very happy I've done this myself but it would have saved a lot of time just to pay someone else to do the work.   I will use these for now and maybe continue to improve on them.  Or I may choose to have someone else do the work for me in the future.  Probably on some pretty recycled paper.  Oh I have a new idea!  Recycled paper business cards with seeds embedded.  Ok I may have to learn how to press my own paper.  I'll add this to my growing list of things to make :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Morning Coffee and Crafting for Etsy

This is my most recent project nearly done! To the right my favorite mug.  No one is allowed to touch this cup :)

Enjoying some Tully's Kona and listening to Jack Johnson Pandora.  A good way to spend the rainy morning.  

Lots of wine drinking went into this one.  I may need a donation of cork soon... 

This is my next project in the making.  I'm still in the thinking stages on this one.  Found these at the thrift store a while back.  I've sanded and painted each one.  Next I plan to fill with wine cork in some way.  Each of these will be added to my Etsy shop once completed.      



Sunday, May 1, 2011

"This Dance Is The Joy Of Existence."  - Rumi

This quote was found on a bottle of Imagine Moore wine "Joy"  from the Finger Lakes in NY