Thursday, May 19, 2011

To buy business cards or not to buy?

As the crafter I am before I make a purchase I always ponder the question, "Can I do that?".

So this week I made my way to the craft and office supply stores to do some research.  The craft store had the paper I wanted to print on.  The only problem with this is I do not have a paper cutter.  Future paper cutter needed!  The office supply store had pre-cut ready to print business cards but these were flimsy.  No thanks! The paper I chose is an artists cold press water color paper.  I love the way it looks, a little texture in a creamy organic color and it's stiff but no so stiff I can't use my own printer.  After coming up with my own design and tweaking it on three or so programs I think I have something I like.  I have it printed and ready to cut into cute individual cards.  This took me about 3 days  to finish.  Partially due to the fact I am new to a mac and it's programs.  Lot's of search, find and experimenting going on here.  I'm very happy I've done this myself but it would have saved a lot of time just to pay someone else to do the work.   I will use these for now and maybe continue to improve on them.  Or I may choose to have someone else do the work for me in the future.  Probably on some pretty recycled paper.  Oh I have a new idea!  Recycled paper business cards with seeds embedded.  Ok I may have to learn how to press my own paper.  I'll add this to my growing list of things to make :)