Friday, September 16, 2011

The Man Who Made Wine

Sept. 16th 2011

I like to add a wine related post from time to time. Here's a fun find I stumbled across a few years back.  

A new wine quote to add to the list:

"Little wine, be good.  You are about to mix with the blood of a brave man."

From the story of one mans love and life along side his vines and wine.    

Also from the book: 

"If those knobbly old vine stocks with the delicate roots which reached so far down - if they could talk they could say something worth listening to.  Vines were so much more sensitive than men. " 

"Vines could not be cheated.  They were the masters and men the servants.  Men could understand only when the fruit had been translated into wine - and then it often took years to appreciate the subtleties."

- J.M. Scott