Monday, August 29, 2011


Facts to ponder... 

If it's not being recycled what can you do with it? 

The coolest alternative to plastic bags as we know them: 
Puma’s dissolving plastic bag 
Watch this video and see for yourself: 

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Waste for Life-Work
to reduce the damaging environmental impact of non-recycled plastic waste products and to promote self-sufficiency and economic security.

"Putting aside the sheer absurdity that humans believe we can just pollute the planet until it dies, these garbage patches provide a huge danger to animals, both water based and air based. Plastics entangle birds while fish unwittingly mistake small bits of plastic for plankton and other edible treats. Countless stories exist of fish being caught and their bellies being full of plastic debris." Joshua S Hill

This is a small group of Etsy finds created with reused plastics.  There are so so many other recycled shopping choices so visit Etsy and take a look.

What are you doing to reduce yours?  

What would you like to do? 

Share your ideas!