Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trashy Crafter Interview

1. How did you first get into up-cycled crafting? What is the first upcycled craft/artwork you ever made?

This started at a very young age before we had the up-cycled label to put on it.  I was always tinkering with the little pieces of this and that in the garage and my grandfathers barn.  I would create little pieces of art from all sorts of stuff.  One of the first things I remember making was a small shelf from scrap wood my grandfather had trashed from a much larger project.  For years I used it to hold little trinkets and figurines.
3. What mediums do you typically work with?

I turn plastic bottle caps into pincushions and beer bottle caps are worked into different wood projects.   I create mosaic’d frames filled with wine corks used as trivets and coasters.  I also make stamps and wine glass charms from cork.
4. Why do you believe the recycled art/craft movement is so important?

Recycled arts and crafts are helping people become aware of their trash. 
 More and more people are wanting to take responsibility for what they’re leaving behind in the form of trash.  We’re all using our imaginations a little more and taking it upon ourselves to find creative new uses for things.